As – A Ceremony provides a limited two (2) years warranty from date of purchase to the original purchaser / end user * on all our products, that the product and / or lighting object is free from defects in material and workmanship.
Please not that this warranty applies under conditions of normal use only.

The warranty does note cover defects due to:

1. transportation;

2. unpacking of the product;

3. faulty installation or inconsistent fitting with any existing installation instructions or contrary to good craftsmanship and practice;

4. misuse;

5. the lack of or insufficient maintenance, improper cleaning;

6. products modifications including unauthorized disassembly or repair;

7. faulty storage or other faulty handling of the product;

8. accidental damage of any kind;

9. natural aging;

10. discoloration, colour change and colour loss caused by circumstances that have a changing effect on materials or a corrosive effect, including in particular sunlight;

11. minor cosmetic imperfections where the defect does not significantly influence the appearance of the product when using the product as intended;

12. lack of compliance with threshold values of temperature and voltage;

13. compatibility issues between the product and the installation environment, for example the control system or the power supply.

For this two (2) years, following the date of the original purchase, As – A Ceremony will, at its option, repair, replace, or provide a substitute for any piece or part proven to be defective in material or workmanship unless explicitly stated not to be covered by the warranty.

Shipping cost are not covered under this warranty.
To receive proper service under this warranty the original purchase receipt or invoice must be presented.


* End user means any natural or legal person who has bought the product for own end use and not with a view to resale for trade purposes or with a view to installation as part of a business.